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Starting as just a hobby, HawksRUs was formed as a business in 2008, with only three hawks, performing talks in local schools, and the company continues to go from strength to strength, culminating in 2013 in the need to move into a larger family home - just to house the birds (aptly named Owl Barn). Gareth the Falconer is helped by Kirsty his wife and their children Carys abd Caden Hughes, a true Family run company.


In 2009 we did our first wedding, delivering the rings in fine style with Crystal, our Barn Owl. To date she has a 100% delivery record, performing around 75  Weddings a year, and also has the support of Alfie and Daisy, to give her some well deserved time off.


Over the years our collection has steadily grown, with lots of indigenous species for educational talks and a total collection of around 70 Birds, including white doves for release at Weddings or Funerals.


In our new home we are able to set up and monitor the breeding programme, so we hope that 2016/17 will bring us lots of new birds for display, conservation and sale.

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