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Keep upto speed on what we are doing and where we are going!!

By Andrea Winders, Mar 8 2017 07:48PM

Deter pest pigeons & Gulls in the north west by the regular flying of Hawks an dor Falcons. We can help with pest birds at food factories, stadiums, wareouses etc.

Call Gareth on 07531669894

Also Owls for school visits and Owl ring bearers.

By Andrea Winders, Dec 17 2015 08:35PM

We have had a great weekend, on sunday we were at Mottram Hall hotel near wimslow with our Owls Daisy and Alfie. We were set up next to a lovely Harry Potter christmas tree!!

Wednesday we had a wedding at Lancashire manor hotel near skelmersdale, Daisy delivered the rings in fine style.

We have also visited schools in Manchester and we had such a hoot!!

The bad weather has hampered our Hawks and Falcons flying but we are getting back on track now.

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