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Light and Dark

School visits and Educational Owl Talks

Bring your lessons to life with some of our fantastic Owls.

Allow the children to learn about some of the wonderful Owls that live around them. They will learn about their habitat, differentiate between nocturnal and diurnal owls, diet and behaviour. We can fly

some of the smaller Birds and even handle them!!

Mrs Hughes, Gareths wife is a primary School teacher so the talks are based around your lessons

Great for Harry Potter events!!

But we can cater for any age or year group.

check out Owls for education

P.L.O.D (Possible lines of development)

Owl Babies- Martin Waddell

The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark.- Jill Tomlinson

Percy the Park Keeper-  Nick  Butterworth

British Birds of Prey

Nocturnal Animals- How do they survive at night?

Light and Dark

Animal Print Art Projects