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Bring your lessons to life with some of our fantastic Owls!

Allow the children to learn about some of the wonderful birds that live around them. They will learn about their habitat, differentiate between nocturnal and diurnal owls, diet, behaviour and even handle them. Where possible we can fly some Owls. From £150 per hour session (Travelling costs may apply) Discounted rates for half and full days.

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A selection of  different species with safety fencing and two members of staff in attendance, minimum of one hour, special discount for full day & flying displays P.O.A



Meet Owls, Hawks, Falcons and our Eagle, then take a Ramble in the West Lancashire countryside followed by some of our Raptors. Watch them fly and even handle them. These are  group session with a maximum of 5 people. Vouchers can be purchased

from  £70 per person, Sessions last approximately 2 hours. Email info@hawksrus.com

to buy a voucher!!



Spend a day in the Lancashire countryside. First learn about the Hawks you

will be out hunting with, some basic Falconry lessons then off you go! Beware these

are hunting days so there maybe the chance of a kill so the squeamish stay away.

Prices from £100 per person. Group sessions last approximately 3 hours.



A selection of Birds of Prey at your home or venue by the hour prices for Birthdays

and social events. From £150 Per hour (Travelling costs mat apply)


Owl Ring Bearers

Click here to See our Wedding site The Owl Ring Bearers for details.